Compagnie De Provence

Compagnie De Provence EP Mediterranean Sea Hand Cream 100ml

Hydrate and care for your hands with Compagnie De Provence's indulgent EP Mediterranean Sea Hand Cream. With a delicious fragrance that transports you to the Mediterranean with notes of fresh sea spray and flowers that has been created by expert perfumers in Grasse.

Apply a small amount of product on clean and dry skin. Gently massage the hands, do not forget nails and cuticles. Repeat as often as desired.

Why it Works
Enriched with a trio of vegetable oils, this hand cream gently takes care of your hands. Applied immediately after cleansing, its light and non-greasy texture hydrates, soothes and helps to protect the skin from external aggressions to leave the hands cocooned in softness and comfort.

  • $25.00