Belmont: Gold Plated Signature Corkscrew

A fantastic gift – This wine opener is the ideal gift for any wine enthusiast who is partial to a glass (or four).

Discover a classy copper corkscrew that opens any wine bottle with ease. Whether you enjoy entertaining from home or you work in a wine restaurant, this copper corkscrew is sure to add extra class to the cork popping experience.

The corkscrew features a sharp 5-turn worm that buries deep into the cork, without causing any crumbling. Unlike other corkscrews with sharp edges, this corkscrew is made from soft-touch plastic that feels comfortable in the hand. The stainless-steel mechanics create a durable corkscrew that will last a lifetime.

  • 5-turn, non-stick worm
  • Copper-color finish
  • Serrated foil cutter
  • Double-hinged
  • Easy-grip
  • $18.00