Blackout Squire Rollerball Pen

The pen is a mighty sword. It’s a weapon of mass construction. It grants the power to move entire nations, to touch people’s hearts and souls—to make something from nothing.

Precision Weighted

It’s hard to find a pen that feels invisible in your hand. The Squire’s weight is engineered to sit perfectly in your grip.

Ergonomic Body

Comfort you can feel. Subtle widening of the pen body from top to bottom prevents your fingers from sliding down.

Versatile Size

Shorter than the average pen, longer than the average pocket pen, allowing you to use it at home, work, or on-the-go.

Ultra Minimal

A fusion of creativity and engineering, there are as few parts and edges as possible. It gets out of your way.

Made to Last

Cut from a solid block of high-grade aluminum and measured to the micron, it’s a reliable tool that will last for generations.

  • $60.00